Technofluids has been involved in deep studies in order to seek a purification process allowing to obtain clear liquids from polar liquid wastes containing colloidal dispersions of solvated particles, to be carried out on the widest range of liquid wastes containing this type of colloidal dispersions, and to provide the highest reliability with the most disparate solvated substances. A further problem having to be faced in said process is to use therein only additives which are not apt to increase the salt and/or impurity content in the wastewaters being purified; moreover, such additives should preferably be food grade one; since wastewaters result from food industries to recycle the purified wastewaters in the primary working cycle, the additives used in the purification process must be harmless.

At the end of its studies, Technofluids has discovered a natural molecule, food grade, that has the capacity to give rise, itself, to the forming of flocks with solvated particles. The agglomeration and flotation or sedimentation take place in a very short period of time -in the range between few seconds and a minute- and the separation of the clear liquid is easily obtained.

The process of Techno-Floc® is also characterized by the fact that the treated liquid is by no means altered chemically, in that the used molecule is totally insoluble and is thus fully eliminated; this characteristics allows to re-employ the clear liquids, obtained with the process of the invention, in the primary cycle from which the liquid wastes have flown out.

Techno-Floc® can be efficiently applied to all the polar liquid wastes containing solvated particles, independently from the chemical nature of the particles, since that the purification process involved is essentially of the physical type.

Besides being widely employed in the treatment of industrial and agro-industrial effluents, this treatment is also utilized, with very good results, for the removal of all liquids and solids dispersed in the produced waters from oil wells before the oil-in-water separation.

Liquid-Liquid Separation

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