Flow diagram of a typical Techno-Floc® system. 
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Techno-Floc® system is a process to purify polar liquid wastes (i.e. water) containing colloidal dispersions of solvated particles. The liquid resulting from this process is totally purified from said solvated particles and can thus be reintroduced in the environment or recycled into the primary cycle of the industrial process, from which the liquid wastes had come, without undergoing further treatments.

The utilized molecule is natural, food grade and not soluble: consequently it doesn't contribute increasing the salts and/or impurities content in the effluent.

Suspended solid size distribution before Techno-Floc®

Separation results of a Techno-Floc® system

Techno-Floc® process has also proven particularly useful for those effluents that must undergo nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, or electrodialysis processes, because it permits to eliminate microfiltration/ultrafiltration treatments, to increase the performances and to prolong the life of the relevant membranes.

Techno-Floc® system operating in an oil center

Liquid-Liquid Separation

WaterWall® - Complete separation of non-miscible liquids at high flow rate.

Metalworking Fluids Treatment

WaterWall® application: The most cost-effective integrated recovery process to extend the life of metalworking fluids(coolants).

Waste Heat Recovery

TTVM/G® (Torini Thermo-Volumetric Motor/Generator): A waste heat recovery type generator which offers the ability to convert waste heat into electric energy. 
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